Looming storm at dusk in Tucson
F6 Ford 2016_Fuji Klasse_Ilford XP2 Super-sm
Dresses and tent, Tucson Gem show
0003 Common White Trilium
Dog's nose through a chainlink fence
Sentinel Cross
White bus over white fence
Basket stack, Tucson Gem Show, 9 Feb 201
TOPOLOGIE#7 - wallpaper
Looming storm at dusk in Tucson
Stack of aluminum chairs
0020 Sandstone Shelf
0010 Vanishing Fence
TOPOLOGIE#9 - wallpaper
Curly tails, 4th Ave Street Fair
Sunlit Leaves_Pentax SPII_Arista Premium 400-sm
Saguaro and clouds, IG
Stone Steps 2015_Rolleiflex 35F_Kodak T400CN-sm
Cow skulls tied together, IG
El Capitan 2012_Pentax 67_Kodak TMAX 100-sm
Monsoon clouds over Arizona
Dill, 1000
Ladders leaning against a wall
Organ Pipes Rooster Church.1

Exploring the full spectrum of light from shadow to sun

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