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Improved Seneca View 8x10 large format camera

Improved Seneca View 8x10 large format camera


For sale is a beautiful, clean, vintage, Improved Seneca View 8x10 large format camera. These cameras were manufactured in Rochester, New York from 1904-1926

    - As can be seen in the photos, the wood on this camera is in excellent condition 
     - Mahogany body with nickel hardware 
    - All hardware is shiny and sound with virtually no tarnish 
    - 8x10 back with ground glass; good spring action 
    - One lens board included (4 3/4 x 4 5/8) 
    - Leather handle in good condition 
    - Bellows retainers are both present 
    - Front rise and fall; rear tilt and swing 
    - All movements are all reasonably smooth 
    - This is one of the lightest 8x10s you will find; it folds up compact for transportation 
    - One of the side wood guide rails has been repaired and is not as smooth as the other side; 
       however, the front standard guide slides over it with no problem (see photo) 
    - The bellows is in fair condition and has a few issues. I have sealed a number of pinholes and it is now light-tight. 
       There is some sagging near the front standard (see photos) 
    - The rear standard does not have the locking knob (see photo) 
Tripod and tripod head *not* included
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