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Mamiya 23 Standard w/90mm lens

Mamiya 23 Standard w/90mm lens


Here is a film-tested Mamiya 23 Standard Press Camera.  It features a 90mm f/3.5 lens, a shutter release grip, two 6x7 roll film backs, and a lens hood.


This camera takes beautiful images as you will see in the attached photos.  It is fully functional and the shutter speeds appear to be accurate.  The film advance is spot-on with consistent negative spacing.  The rangefinder works well and focusing is smooth and accurate.  The lens is clean and clear and free of observable defects.


One of the film backs is in excellent/like-new condition and still has attached the factory tag.  The other back is in good condition overall, but will need a new rubber light seal.


The camera shows some wear from normal use.  The overall condition is very good.  The rangefinder cover (the top, silver part of the camera) has a number of marks on the top, which do not affect the operation of the camera.



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