Rapid Omega 100 medium format camera, 90mm Omegon lens - left/front view

Rapid Omega 100


Rapid Omega with 90mm Super Omegon f/3.5 lens, 120 film back, and hand grip.


This is a medium format rangefinder/press camera.  It uses a combined viewfinder and coupled rangefinder, with automatic parallax compensation.  The image size is 6×7cm.


The lens is a Tessar design with shutter speeds from 1 to 1/500 sec and a minimum aperture of f/32.


This camera is in excellent condition.  It is film tested and all mechanicals appear to work properly.  It is very clean all around with only a small number of paint wear/chips


Lens glass is clean and clear with no marks, fungus or separation  


The rangefinder is bright, and focuses easily



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