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Rolleiflex Automat K4B2 medium format TLR film camera with 75mm F3.5 Xenar lens, front left



Rolleiflex Automat K4B2

Year: 1949

Serial number:  1057713


Film tested Rolleiflex Automat K4B2 6x6 medium format TLR film camera with 75mm F3.5 Xenar lens.  (See actual images taken with this camera at the end of the listing).


Complete service/CLA in 2017


Film advance, shutter cocking, frame counter all Rollei-smooth. The Compur Rapid shutter is within spec on all speeds; runs a little fast on 1 second and 1/2 second, but should not affect exposure.  Self-timer works nicely.


Taking lens has some cleaning marks and light haze.  This does not effect focus or image resolution, though it may cause flare in some situations if used without a lens hood.


The mirror has some delamination, but there is enough silver in the center to focus properly.  Should you decide to replace the mirror, replacements can be had for less than $10.


Leatherette mostly complete; missing piece in corner by film crank.  Some cracking in leatherette on back.


Please review all pictures for cosmetic condition.  Some paint nicks and wear typical of a 70 year-old Rolleflex.


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