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Katie Walker is an emerging young film photographer  Hailing from Arizona, Katie cut her film teeth with a Ricoh Diacord TLR, roaming the streets of eclectic 4th Avenue and downtown Tucson.  Her work emphasizes light play and themes of the desert and desert architecture.

Katie's Gallery

Gene is an artist/photographer who holds a Master's of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Arizona State University.  He taught Sculpture at Springfield College in Springfield, MA, and was one of eleven artists to form ZONE Art Center, an artist-run alternative art center dedicated to presenting contemporary art in all media.  Gene was also a curator, member of the Board of Directors, and Director of the Valley Photo Center.

While living in Massachusetts Gene’s primary subject for landscape photography was the Quabbin Reservoir, located in the central part of Massachusetts, near where he grew up.  Gene has also photographed the shores of Cape Cod, Portland, Maine, and Block Island, Rhode Island along with the quarries of West Rutland, Vermont and the sights of Rocky Mountain National Park.  His approach to landscape photography has always been influenced by his study of sculpture and drawing, concentrating on the three-dimensional, sculptural forms in nature, and its linear compositions.

Gene's Gallery

Colton grew up in rural Canada, and now lives in Talent, Oregon. He is a self-taught photographer, and began taking photos shortly before being diagnosed with ALS in 2008.  Since his diagnosis he has lost most of his motor skills, including the ability to walk.  He has lived primarily confined to a power chair since 2012. 

Though he started out using a digital SLR, it wasn’t long before he embraced the beauty of film. Using mostly medium format cameras, his work is now nearly 100% film based. Inspired by the photography of Steven Shore and William Eggleston, he strives to find simple beauty in everyday life, but from a unique perspective. 

Colton's Gallery

Frédéric's first involvement with film photography came in the mid 1980s in his homeland of Belgium when he first considered making a career of it.  While it didn't work out at that point, he came back to film five years ago amidst political and social disruptions, desirous to once again "make' pictures to document these events. At that point, Frederic joined the Krasnyi collective, and since then has shot film almost exclusively.

Fred has a unique perspective on the world around him.  He has Autism Spectrum Disorder (formerly known as Asperger's).  It turns out that autism and photography can produce remarkably good images. The perception of an autistic person is particularly acute and discriminating. It gives them the ability to look at the world just as it is (shape, light, movement, sound, density, texture) and often makes them more sensitive to the hidden harmony of things around them.

Frédéric's gallery

Since he was three and laying face-up in the back yard, Dale dreamed of being in the sky flying airplanes.  A few years later, when he was fifty-five, he finally earned his license and acquired an airplane.  In those intervening years he drew lots of pencil-on-paper pictures and grew up to learn to use cameras to make pictures.  He first snapped hobby pictures and learned to "develop my own" as they used to say.  Later he became a photographer in the U. S. Navy , followed by college days at Ohio University, College of Fine Arts, School of Photography.  Later life brought two beautiful daughters, four great step-kids and countless loving grandchildren.

Dale's gallery

Luigi grew up in Ithaca NY and went on to study writing and fine arts at Dartmouth and Goddard Colleges. Later he turned down a fellowship to pursue an MFA in New York in favor of an opportunity to study - and eventually live - in Madrid (Spain). During his time there he bought his first SLR – a Canon AE-1. 

Luigi approaches art as an ongoing exploration – of meaning, feeling, ways of seeing and living. He aims to unite intuition and observation to create images capable of evoking emotion. 

Luigi's gallery

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