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The term "black-and-white" has been in our photography vocabulary for who knows how long, likely since color photography came along and we needed to distinguish between the two. 

When we say "black-and-white," we know what we mean: monochromatic photographic images composed of shades from black to white.  We've gotten used to saying that. To be precise though, it is not exactly black and white like this...

but is actually black to white like this:

Someone once said, “Don’t define your world in black and white, because there is so much hiding among the greys.”

There is certainly a richness in the full spectrum of black to white that pleases the eye.  Ansel Adams remarked that "The important point to remember is that the print should represent the full scale from black to white...all good prints possess one or both of the extremes of black and white, plus a wide range of middle tones..."

With this more precise definition in mind, Black-to-White (B2W) Photography was born.  

The mission of B2W Photography is to be a showcase and a resource for black-to-white photography and photographers, where we can together explore the entire spectrum of light, from shadow to sun.  

Image of black and white box
Image of black-to-white scale wit greys
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