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Century 5x7 large format view camera original kit

Century 5x7 large format view camera original kit


Beautiful Century 5 X 7 view camera with original Rauber & Wollensak lens, lensboard, plate film holders, extension rail, and original case.  All pieces and parts accounted for and working. 


Bellows is light tight (after a fair bit of work sealing pinholes).  Focusing rails are smooth and straight.  All hardware is solid, with the typical tarnishing of the plated surfaces.  Outstanding condition for a 100 year-old camera


The lens is a Rauber & Wollensak Optic Company 5x7 Century Triple Convertible lens in very nice condition.  It was serviced in 2017, and shutter speed and aperture movement are smooth.   Can't guarantee the accuracy of the shutter speeds though.


Leather camera strap is in good shape.


Original case is solid though has wear and stains on the outside.  Original leather straps are mostly gone.


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